LW TechnicLaboratory tests

We will perform a purity test for you, which is needed to determine the quality of the washed details. The test will be performed in accordance with established quality standards. We will conduct tests to determine the level of contamination. Performing all these tests will allow us to assess the quality of the washed details and draw conclusions.
Badania laboratoryjne Badania laboratoryjne

Why is it worth conducting laboratory tests?

Laboratory testing of parts of the washed parts is important because it provides reliable results that serve as the basis for assessing the quality of the product. Performing laboratory tests allows you to identify any irregularities in the manufactured parts and prevent further problems related to the quality of the product. Laboratory tests use various diagnostic techniques. Conducting tests allows manufacturers to eliminate defects in parts and ensure high quality products and maintain a good image of the company.

We carry out tests in an accredited laboratory in accordance with the standards VDA19.1, ISO 16232 and individual standards of automotive industry companies.

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