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LW Technic is a qualified team of specialists who will service and inspect your machines for you

Remonty i modernizacje maszyn myjących LW Technic

Our team successfully carries out professional services in the field of servicing of washing machines and devices, and more. Many years of experience, acquired knowledge and commitment, diligence and reliability put into the work performed make our clients perceive us as a trustworthy company.

  • Mechanics
  • Electrics
  • Hydraulics
  • Machine construction
  • Welding of fittings and stainless steel
  • Automation
  • Robotics
  • Industrial chemistry
  • Technical cleanliness

We offer 4 forms of services:



A form of preventive annual technical inspection, during which we determine which electrical and mechanical components should be replaced.


In the event of unexpected failures of machines and devices on your production line.


The machine works properly, but the end product does not always meet the expectations set out in your quality policy


Support during the warranty period of a new washing device or after its expiry
Remonty i modernizacje maszyn myjących LW Technic

How is an example device service performed:

After receiving the notification, we arrange the date of repair. We come to the place, discuss the problem and the action plan. We carry out a technical review, which is the basis of every service. During the inspection, we determine the cause of the problem. We prepare a technical inspection protocol. After completing the inspection, we discuss the actual condition of the device and work out the scope of repair. If possible, we make repairs on site. If the repair requires replacement of parts, we will prepare an offer with the delivery time and scope of work. After accepting the offer sent, we carry out a complete renovation in order to restore the efficiency of the machine.

Technical inspection (review)

The inspections are aimed at solving quality and production problems and helping to plan expenses for spare parts. The most important thing is the continuous operation of the devices without downtime. After the inspection, we provide detailed service protocols for each device. Their scope is presented in detail and a renovation / modernization plan is created. In the next stage, offers for the above-mentioned works are prepared. The inspection should be carried out at least once a year to ensure the proper functioning of the machine

LW Technic company We quickly and efficiently carry out the service of washing machines and devices as well as technical inspections throughout Poland and Central and Eastern Europe. Our company specializes in servicing professional washing machines and devices. We guarantee fast and efficient execution of orders, always in accordance with your needs and expectations.

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