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What washing machines can we offer you?

Where to start when choosing a washing machine or a personalized washing machine.The type of washing system largely depends on the needs of our company, the profile of its activity and the nature of the washing material. When choosing the right cleaning machine, remember to match it to the needs of your company. The factors affecting the choice of a cleaning machine or a dedicated cleaning machine are:
  • type and nature of pollution,
  • required and desired standards of element cleanliness,
  • part geometry,
  • size of the cleaned part,
  • frequency and amount of washed parts.
If you care about a general-purpose washing device that will wash many different elements, we have a wide selection of specialized devices such as: chamber machine, tunnel machine or ultrasonic cleaner. It all depends on your needs. However, if your requirements are not standard, no worries. We offer dedicated cleaning machines tailored specifically to your needs. Our washing machines are made of the best quality components and optimized for your needs. This is so that you can maximize the quality of your work. The right selection of cleaning and drying elements and process chambers allows you to achieve maximum results in the shortest possible time.

Your guarantee of quality - new washing machines, dedicated washing machines, service of washing machines

The LW Technic company specializes in choosing the perfect cleaning machine for your needs. If a standard washing machine does not meet your expectations, LW Technic will make a dedicated washing machine for you to meet your needs, ensure the quality and efficiency of the company’s work. Our company has many years of experience in the comprehensive selection of appropriate cleaning solutions. All you need to do is know your needs, we’ll take care of the rest.

Standard washing machines and dedicated washing machines - why is it worth having them?

Industrial cleaning and washing is essential in many manufacturing processes and is critical to the quality of the final product. Low standards of cleanliness mean concrete losses for the company. From qualitative, through image to financial. Therefore, when planning the process of washing and industrial cleaning in a company, two most important factors should be taken into account. The first one is the right industrial chemistry and the second one is the selection of the right washing machine, both personalized solutions for the individual needs of your company. Choosing the right solution and washing device will allow you to maintain the highest standards of services and optimize production processes.

Machines with standard sizes and parameters. Proven solutions for your needs
We will design and create a machine for parts washing according to your individual needs

The right selection of cleaning and drying elements and process chambers allows you to achieve maximum results in the shortest possible time.

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