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Clean room - czysta strefa produkcji LW Technic
Our company will design and build a clean room for you so that you can meet the most stringent production requirements. Our design experts and engineers will design and build a room that will be tailored to your requirements. We will take care of all aspects, from design, through the selection of appropriate materials, to the installation of an air quality control system. In addition, LW Technic offers a range of clean room maintenance and upgrade services to keep you productive and efficient over the long term.

What is a cleanroom?

The Clean Room is a specially designed room with a very clean and controlled environment. This room is equipped with special air filters to remove solid particles that can damage the product or cause serious manufacturing defects. In addition, these rooms are often equipped with contaminant control and monitoring systems to ensure that all products leaving the clean production area are free of contaminants.

Clean room application

Clean production zones are most often used in combination with washing devices to achieve stringent cleanliness requirements in accordance with the standards of global automotive industry concerns VDA 19.1, ISO 16232 and are used where the product requires the highest precision and cleanliness. Clean room can be found in companies producing medical devices, electronics, microwave technology or optical components.

If the cleanliness requirement for your parts is metallic and non-metallic particles smaller than 100 µm - the clean production area and clean room are for you.

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