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Repairs of washing machines

After review or technical inspection we carry out a machine overhaul consisting in replacing faulty or worn out parts. The repair allows to restore full functionality of the machine and to limit the number of failures. If spare parts are no longer manufactured we perform the modernization of the machine.

Modernizations of washing machines

Modernization of the machine consists not only in removing the defect, but also assumes the introduction of improvements and enhancements.
Examples of upgrades include:
  • Liquid filtration systems
  • Emulsion and oil separation systems
  • Vapour extraction and condensation systems
  • Blowing off and drying of workpieces
  • Selection of washing parameters together with reconstruction of hydraulic installation
  • Renovation of control cabinets
  • Systems of measuring process parameters and position of parts
  • Compressed air system rebuilds
  • Design of new pallets and workpiece holders
LW Technic Remonty i modernizacje maszyn myjących modernizacja
Remonty i modernizacje maszyn myjących LW Technic
We repair, modernize and service industrial washing machines of all manufacturers in the world, which distinguishes us among other companies in Europe.
We provide technical support for washing machines of the following manufacturers:

Eko-pil Noyen (GT85) Ultron Castor MTM (M+P, MOB) BVL Zippel LPW Dürr Ecoclean Mafac Silberhorn ELWEMA INDA-MARKERT ROLL NERKON SLE Wächter Bupi Cleaner TEIJO HESO KSN FinnSonic EVT MecanoLav PERO SK Hydroautomation PASSAPONTI DBM

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