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LW Technic systemy separacji emulsji i oleju

Advantages of having an oil separation system:

  • Reducing the frequency of fluid changes
  • Energy saving for water heating
  • Process stabilization
  • Increasing the OEE of the device
  • Easier to keep the device clean

The LW Technic company in its operation has its own coalescing deoiler (oil separator) adapted to your needs.

What exactly are oil separation systems?

Oil separation systems are individually designed systems that separate oil particles from water-oil mixtures by using the phenomenon of coalescence and connected vessels. Coalescence is the combination of oil particles to form larger particles that are easier to separate from water. Communicating vessels allow oil to be separated from water by changing temperature, pressure, flow rate, or other factors.

Use of oil separators.

The separation system is especially important in processes where a large amount of oil gets into the liquid, which causes saturation of the liquid and, as a result, frequent replacement. The coalescing deoiler (oil separator) allows you to extend the “life” of the bath in the tank, therefore it generates a profit in the form of lower liquid consumption and energy for heating. Oil separation systems can be used in various industries, including the automotive, food, pharmaceutical, chemical and energy industries.

Deoilers - procedure of the deoiling process

Systemy separacji emulsji i oleju LW Technic

1. Starting the deoiling process

LW technic Systemy separacji emulsji i oleju odolejanie

2. Suction of the water-oil mixture through the suction device installed in the liquid tank

Systemy separacji emulsji i oleju LW Technic

3. Proces odolejania koalescencyjnego, który zachodzi bezpośredniu w odolejaczu QS poleający na separacji oleju

Systemy separacji emulsji i oleju LW Technic

4. Return of clean de-oiled liquid in by-pass back to liquid tank

LW technic Systemy separacji emulsji i oleju odolejanie

5. Comparison of the baths before and after the application of the de-oiler

Technical parameters

Dimensions (L x W x H)

Length 450 [mm] x Width 300 [mm] x Height 1200 [mm]
Oil separator volume
25 [l]
Oil tank volume

10 [l]

The capacity of the diaphragm pump

Up to 50 [m3/h]

Oil separator capacity

Up to14 [m3/dobę]

Power supply
Compressed air, P~6 bar, filtered, dried
Full – 4 side walls, base, lid
Permissible particle size in the bath (without filter)

Up to 1000 [µm]

Dry running capability



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