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Depending on the type, standard washing machines will work well both on the production line and in your garage

What are standard washing machines?

Standard washing machine, the so-called basket washer or scrubber is a type of machine with a certain size and parameters. These machines are universal and used to wash various elements, regardless of their size and shape. Parts washing takes place in process baskets or pallets.

Cleaning processes that can be carried out by standard washing machines:

  • spray and immersion washing
  • ultrasonic cleaning in full immersion
  • blow off
  • hot air drying
  • drying with compressed air
  • vacuum drying
  • spray-immersion rinsing
  • blowing with compressed air

Division and use of standard washing machines:

  • chamber machine
  • tunnel machine
  • ultrasonic washer

The chamber machine is an efficient, economical and universal washing device, designed to remove various types of dirt. They can be used to remove oil impurities, shavings from production or machining emulsions. These devices offer the best washing and drying quality for parts with irregular shape and geometry. The chamber washer will be perfect for workshops where engines, compressors or other components soiled with grease or oil are being repaired.

Tunnel machines are most often integrated with an automated production line. Their main advantage is the very short time of the washing cycle, where the washed elements move on the conveyor. The tunnel machine is perfect for washing complex elements with high quality requirements and short cycle times.

An ultrasonic cleaner is a device used to clean various objects by using ultrasonic waves. Inside the washer there is a tank with cleaning fluid, into which parts to be cleaned are placed. Then the ultrasonic wave generator is activated, which produces waves of very high frequency. These waves generate vibrations in the liquid that penetrate inside the objects and remove contaminants such as dust, grease, oil or industrial pollution residues. Ultrasonic cleaners are used in many industries, including medicine, electronics, automotive and jewelry industries, where precise cleaning is crucial for product quality.

Advantages of having a new washing machine:

  • Leffectiveness – New washing machines are usually equipped with advanced technologies, such as specialized pumps with appropriate capacity, bath regeneration systems, targeted nozzles and intelligent programs that guarantee thorough and effective cleaning of even the most difficult dirt.
  • Lsave time and labor – Thanks to automatic programs and functions such as self-cleaning, modern washing machines save time and effort needed for manual cleaning.
  • Lwater and energy saving – New washing machines are usually more energy efficient and water efficient, which translates into lower energy and water bills.
  • Lease of use – Modern washing machines are equipped with many useful functions, such as LCD displays, remote controls, as well as functions for automatic dosing of detergents and liquids
  • Lafety – The new washing machines have many safety features, such as anti-slip systems, lock functions, as well as overload and overheating protection.
  • Lmulti-functionality – Modern washing machines often have many programs and functions that allow you to clean various types of surfaces of components and objects.

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